Wednesday, February 17, 2010

June 2k9 Striped Bass cranking up the coast

Every year I drive myself, boat, family, and all of our crap up the east coast to our sleepy little town of Marion. Our town with a long fishing history nestled into the northern corner of Buzzards Bay is so perfectly suited for me and my family it is as if it was built just for us. The spring time is a wonderful time when all the trees are bursting into bloom and the flowers are radiating all the colors of the spectrum again and as we drive north you can feel the wheel of life turning. Somewhere around the Mid Atlantic states the LeClair family's migration begins to overlap with the northern migration of the Atlantic Striped Bass. Just knowing that they have gathered into Massive schools that will migrate together along the coast of the United States is one of the coolest things a human being can imagine or envision, and this is exactly what I am doing each spring as I make my drive home. I am often already on the phone with other fishing guides who have hit the waters in the Northeast before I have, and it is the anticipation and eagerness to be back out on the water again that drives us all. In many ways I have shaped my entire life around this simple movement and migration of these awesome creatures and looking forward to the days of summer when they arrive to the waters around New England again seems like such a simple ordinary occurrence, but it is so much more to many of us.

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