Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Mr. Blue Fin Tuna : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Dear Mr. Blue fin Tuna :

I do not know where you are now, perhaps you are swimming in the cool waters just south of New York and New Jersey during this holiday season, or perhaps you have returned to the rough waters off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Either way Mr. Blue fin the time for long warm summer days fishing for you here in New England are long gone. It was awesome to see so many of you this year between the ages of 7-10 years old, and when you return to our waters next summer you will probably be astronomically bigger. I hope that your travels this winter, weather it be into the Gulf of Mexico where modern man with all his wisdom has displaced so much oil from under the bottom of the sea into the waters where you swim, or over to the Mediterranean Sea rounding the Northern tip of Africa and swimming through the Straight of Gibraltar where many fisherman and pirates will hope to get rich from the sale of your hides. Perhaps you know of some warm water currents in the mid Atlantic Ocean where you are safe from man and man made pollution, and if you have found such a place I hope that you enjoy your time away this wintery season, because next year you will have to come back to Cape Cod and places where I fish. Next year I will be ready for you with larger tackle and heavier line and if you think that you can so easily crash our lures and take our baits only to get away again like you have already done so many times in the past, then know this you dirty little buggers, we will be waiting and we will be ready for you ! Seventy-eight inches, no problem ! Eighty inches, no problem ! We will be ready for you. We caught you this summer, and we will catch you again ! Catch and Release if you can not be taken and each time we catch you we are going to take a picture post it on the internet to embarrass you. Look at me the Giant Blue Fin Tuna who swims across the entire planet, probably has roots in another solar system because I can do things no other fish can do, my meat so precious that men are willing to go to any length on the open ocean to find me, and here I am caught with a spinning rod and a simple lure with one hook and a fluorocarbon leader. Haha !