Wednesday, February 17, 2010

June 2k9 Bluefin Tuna (already)


so who needs to wait until September for the Blue fin Tuna ? Not me, they started showing up in the waters around Cape Cod this year while I was still fishing for Tarpon in Southwest, Fl. and they filled up just about every square inch of water before Father's Day again this year. It was Fathers day 2008 when myself and a couple friends fished in the rain together. With the horrible weather forecast we all had to cancel our charters and then headed out on the water together. Nuts huh ? So there we were after hours of catching crazed schools of Blue fin Tuna feeding like wild dogs and then just when we thought it could not get any nuttier it did. One of the largest deep water schools of adult Menhaden swam right in front of the boat and into the same waters as they "Very Hungry" and now apparently "skitzophrantic" Blue fin Tuna. It was simply laughable what the surface feeds were like. I have never seen anything like it. 300 lb. Tuna were sliding through bait balls of adult Menhaden that were around 13 inches long. The bait was so scared that they were actually able to levitate themselves out of the water with a conscious group effort and very frenzied behavior which makes a normal school of Menhaden swimming in a circle look like they are asleep. None of these Tuna had any idea what was going on around them and I not only hooked up with and lost fish that were hooked up right next to the boat, but I actually felt like we could have poked them with the end of a fly rod. In the order of the Universe where we spend days looking for just one of these silly fish to jump out of the water, that was a little hard for me to swallow. So anyways here it is June again and they are up to these tricks again. Who knew ?

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