Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aug 2k9 Bluefin (who is killing who ?)

The size and power of these Blue fin Tuna is just astounding. I have fished with several different groups of anglers in the last few weeks who have all but thrown in the towel. In some cases these are anglers who have caught large Tuna before and just had their asses handed to them. Gotta love it if all you have to do is drive the boat, but come on this is mean business people. I watched as we hooked into a Blue fin that was approximately 75 inches and full of piss and vinegar. All I wanted to do was unhook that fish, and now. I sometimes try to explain to the anglers what they are in for so they can pace themselves. It doesn't work. One needs to do this type of fishing on a regular basis to know exactly how hard you can pull and when. So when someone who has been hoping to hook into a large Blue fin for years finally gets hooked up on spinning gear or fly gear, look out excitement, anxiety, adrenaline, and then 30 minutes later tears. What a great deal for them huh ? Seriously though as these fish are getting larger there is more and more heartache. It is a wonder that we can catch these fish at all.

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