Wednesday, February 17, 2010

July 2k9 Stripers Set the hook, Ya Hear !

It is always fun fishing with good anglers. I enjoy teaching, and do it allot, but every now and then I fish with folks that have been doing this fly fishing thing longer than I have been alive (1971 for those who are counting). In many cases it is a chance for me to learn a little about the types of things that people bring with them from their angling adventures around the globe. I have enjoyed some great sight fishing for Striped Bass and has shots at some Stripers that were truly monsters. What is the case during this past month and has been the case for as long as I can remember is that we don't always catch those super slob monster bassalo we see, in fact we usually don't catch them at all, but that very rarely matters because if you are in a position where you are seeing the Walters of the Striped Bass world, you will probably be catching Striped Bass large enough to challenge 99% of the best anglers in the world (80% of the time). So having some of these great moments lately watching Walter slide off into the deep green waters where hence he came and attacked the fly, but hey, why worry, we will get him next year (as I like to say :)

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