Wednesday, February 17, 2010

July 2k9 Tuna (gotta love it when a plan comes together)

So here we go, fishing for Blue fin Tuna, but this time we need to put a large Tuna in the boat in a very short time and deliver it to the dock so that preparations can begin. This Tuna, even though we had not caught it yet was scheduled to be on the menu for a wedding here in Southeastern Mass. Crazy Dave tells me after we put the beast in the boat, "Good work Joe, lets go home, my Daughter is going to be so happy". Can you imagine the look on my face ? What if I new this crazy family was counting on me to produce fresh Blue fin Tuna for a wedding. I mean this is the young lady's first marriage, not a second or dirty third, this is the first one, whoawah I am glad I didn't know the plan.

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